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Helping People Thrive Past Traumatic Experiences

A traumatic experience can be broad in scope. A car accident, loss of a loved one, panic about the coronavirus – but it can also be simple distress at work or in a personal relationship. 

Here at Eyes of Power we work with personal injury lawyers, their clients, coaches and trauma survivors. We use a systematic approach to pinpoint the hidden source of trauma and provide simple tools to cope with it.

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Convenient Online Service

No matter where you are, you can easily get help because we are just a smartphone away..

Works for Everyone

Smooth procedure that can be done by anyone, regardless of your position in life.

Be In Control Again

Regain control of your life after a traumatic experience instead of letting your trauma control you.

Tailored for You

trauma Survivor's Cafe

This is a private, collaborative community for trauma survivors, focused on solving the complex challenges they face in their personal or professional lives. As partners, we are committed to supporting you so that you can have a more balanced life.

Light A Candle

Light a virtual candle for a loved one, if you survived a trauma, you want to make more peace in the world or in appreciation of an accomplishment.

Business Consulting

We specialize in reshaping your business vision so you can expand.  

We’re experienced

With 25+ years of clinical experience in psychology and trauma recovery D'Sheene has a unique way of reshaping visions - leading survivors out of trauma. She is a Cognitive Behavioral Executive Coach and Corporate trainer ready to service you, whatever your needs are. 


Our Clients Say

T. Thomas 


I am a survivor of trauma and over the course of 9 months I worked with D'Sheene for trauma recovery; personal growth, most recently crisis and career coaching after being let-go from my job of 13 years.


Jonathan E. Gold

Personal Injury Lawyer

I found the training very engaging and informative. I was able to utilize the tools to educate colleagues to begin trauma informed care practices in the workplace and reduce job-related stress. 

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