You Need A Business Model That Speaks To Your Skills


I Can Do That For You

My name is D'Sheene and I am the creator of Eyes of Power, a well established certified minority women-owned Trauma Communication Coaching and Business Consultancy firm. (Note: I changed my name from Desheen to D'Sheene in January 2021.)

Reshaping Business Visions

I specialize in reshaping business visions utilizing Your unique skills - not others so you become laser focused and thrive.  

Because I've taken all of the lessons learned from previous endeavors, I mastered the pitfalls, curve balls and how to best utilize my skills and get paid. I can teach you all about the business trade secrets so you no-longer give away your skills. 

I want to teach you how to take advantage of your skills and STOP letting struggling businesses profit from your smarts. See I've been there and my job is to keep you from going there, save you a ton of money and help you shine. 

My Story

Not long after launching my business I helped a small business land a New York City contract worth 6 million dollars ($6,000,000.00). In doing this, I influenced the President of that company to obtain a New York City and New York State woman own business certification. 

Boy, did I learn plenty of lessons from that experience and vowed never to let anybody else take credit for my skills. Since then, I've had many successes, why?

I am a highly skilled business consultant with a focus on cognitive behaviors and the contributing factors of emotional trauma (specifically black trauma in business). My genuine business practices are "Never to be afraid of being who you are" and "Never bite the hands that feed you." My work ethics and the way in which I present myself has helped me to develop long standing relationships and a high quality reputation. These authentic practices coupled with my dynamic skills of reshaping business visions with real results led me to being coined as a VisionaryPreneur and highly sought after consultant. 

Business Model

My signature formula is designed to reshape visions, transition away from dated systems and unethical business practices in order to build a solid client-base and boost YOUR revenue. It offers you the leadership style so you don't focus on problems. Instead you build team cohesion by creating an environment of respect, appreciation, acceptance of different and unique ideas in order for your business to be innovative. By identifying unconscious and conscious biases, I help combat the destructive behaviors such as using peoples skills and trade secrets and presenting them as your own idea. This causes challenges and issues with staff and reduces retention on your team.  

My goal is not just getting you on top, but keeping you there HONESTLY so that you can stay ahead of your competitors with your shines being your shines. 

Let me show YOU how to get paid for YOUR skills