Desheen L. Evans

​Desheen is a highly skilled emergency crisis coach; executive behavioral management consultant and senior-level trainer with over 25+ years of strong clinical experience in trauma recovery – working with women, their families and friends; institutions, organizations and small groups to provide training and interventions before, during and in the aftermath of crisis situations and traumatic life events.

Desheen is also the Founding President and CEO of Eyes of Power, an approved city , state, New York & New Jersey Port Authority Minority Women-Owned Business.

Obsessively driven to succeed because of her own personal, professional experiences; educating & honing new opportunities is what drove her to become the ambassador, and good listener she is today with the ability to synthesize information on what people are saying so that she can meet their expectations, and continuously adapt to the changes of the environment.

She is committed to the advancement of interventions for all victims of trauma by connecting across the globe raising public awareness and creating a social impact through education to improve interactions among co-workers, victims and community members and decreasing re-traumatization.

Desheen’s goal is to strengthen trauma-informed-care practices specifically in the areas of cultural trauma, collective identities, emotional and situational roots of anger and the cultural communication barriers providers experience during delivery of services to victims of trauma. Her approach aims to improve the level of victims trust so that they are more comfortable communicating with service providers of different cultures, while at the same time reducing violence in communities and the workplace by training service providers to better respond during traumatic events. All of these share a multidisciplinary relationship and remains a costly public health issue that has become widespread.

She attests that without this framework, her work would simply be treating the symptoms instead of treating the underlying triggers of violence, cultural communication barriers, cultural trauma and collective identities for best outcomes in trauma-informed-care practices.

Desheen enjoys empowering women and offering them tools that target the causes of trauma, stress, anger, violence and engagement in unhealthy relationships. Her vast experience enables her to assess where they can begin to engage in trauma recovery, identify triggers of stress often leading to anger and/or violence, and build robust buffers for long-term stability and sustain healthy relationships with the goal to ultimately become their own coach.

There are no limits to her success.  She is an ambassador inspiring others wherever she goes. She is a communication and trauma-informed-care expert, passionate creative writer/author, change-agent/ motivational speaker and renowned for putting her words and authentic skills into action. She has successfully completed forty hours of Mediation and Conflict Resolution training in (April 2015) and recently completed her apprenticeship in (December 2016) to become a New York State Certified Community Mediation trainer.

Desheen is also a Peer Reviewer for the Office for Victims of Crime in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Justice and the Office of Justice Programs. She also serves as a board officer on the New York City Youth and Development Neighborhood Advisory Board for district 12 in the Bronx.

She has contributed a truly inspirational piece in the My Creative Thoughts Journal, a #1 international bestseller released in October 2015. Thanks to her great passion for what she does she recently received an EIPPY Book Award. An important and exciting distinction as her own book is scheduled to be released (Spring  2018). Her upcoming book is a true masterpiece about cultural communication, cultural trauma (specifically black trauma) and the collective identities, some of her own experiences, self –help and inspiration where her wealth of knowledge, experience and passion shine through.