About Eyes of Power

Eyes of Power LLC has been serving a diverse clientele since December 2013. We provide non-diagnostic trauma recovery to address catastrophic and traumatic life events.

We are an established certified Minority Women-owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE) that works with small and midsize businesses to win NYC and New York state contracts. As prime contractors, we invite subcontractors to work with us. Depending on the type of service request for the proposal, we may take on the role of subcontractor. 

Our Mission & Our Values

Our mission is to respond to individuals, small groups, institutions and organizations to provide training and interventions before, during and in the aftermath of crisis situations and traumatic life events.

We know first-hand the emotional scars that trauma can cause and the importance of being heard and understood. We’ve been very selective about our services.

What We Do

Some examples of areas we focus on are the following:

  • Corporate training on how to respond to trauma in minority communities and the workplace
  • Business development and redesign for sales strategy to boost client acquisition and growth
  • Understanding communication styles and adapting appropriate responses
  • Enhancement of leadership and management skills to reduce high employee turnover
  • Techniques to strengthen team appreciation
  • Training and workshop design and delivery
  • Organizational needs assessment
  • Strategic planning with measurable and achievable goals

Training and Workshops

We have developed a solid track record for our services. Our approach is client-focused and result-oriented with the goal of providing top quality support.

The trainings are well-structured using real case studies, surveys and community assessments. We offer new and better ways to help companies spend their resources on cost-effective skill based training that solves multiplex problems under one umbrella.