Desheen’s Affiliations, Credentials, Education

Desheen has worked in the social services field responding to crisis and offering individuals and families tools to cope during crisis and begin the recovery from traumatic life experiences. Over the years, she has made a difference in the many lives she touched through her ability to identify and handle hidden trauma and struggling businesses, leading her to be coined as a Visionary Ninja.

Her most recent accomplishment was reshaping the vision for a company leading them to landing a NYC contract worth 6 million dollars. She then continued to pursue her mission to help other struggling companies and those exposed to trauma.

Desheen was featured on the cover of the Published magazine and is recognized as a third time international bestselling co-author. She also recently received an eLit book award for Literary Excellence in addition to two previous awards.

  • Certified Crisis Intervention, Stress Management and Acute Traumatic Stress Management expert
  • Certified Retreat Leader with Mountain Coaching
  • Listed in the International Deployment directory of the National Center for Crisis Management in collaboration with the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress
  • Member with the International Premier Speaker and Trainers Bureau
  • Active board officer in the Bronx for district 12 under the New York City Department of Youth and Community Neighborhood Advisory Board
  • A member of the New York Women’s Chamber of Commerce
  • VIP member of the National Association of Professional Women
  • Certified Behavioral Life Coach (DISC Personality Assessment & Applied Behavioral Analysis)
  • Certified Behavioral Consultant (DISC Theory & Advanced Behavioral Analysis) with The Institute for Motivational Living
  • New York State Certified Mediation Trainer with the IMCR Dispute Resolution Center 
  • Undergraduate degree from Mercy College with a major in psychology
  • Master of Social Work degree from Wurzweiler School of Social Work, Yeshiva University with a major in community organizing
  • Master of Public Administration degree from John Jay College of Criminal Justice with a major in criminal justice policy and administration



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MWBE Certificate
Master of Social Work
Master of Public Administration
Certified in Crisis Intervention
Certified in Stress Management
Certified in Acute Traumatic Stress Management
CI 540 Crisis and Trauma Counseling Certificate
Sexual Trauma Crisis & Recovery Services Certificate
Behavioral Consultant 001
certified retreat leader certificate
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