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Eyes of Power LLC was founded by Desheen L. Evans and formed on December 19, 2013. We are an established certified Minority Women-owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE) that bid on city, state, New York and New Jersey Port Authority contracts in addition to private work. Under the umbrella of our M/WBE we subcontract with prime contractors, and as a prime contractor, we subcontract because we believe in partnerships with a focused goal of meeting the needs of those that depend on our expertise in providing quality services.

We specialize in serving a diverse clientele, providing exceptional non-diagnostic emergency crisis; international trauma-recovery and behavioral management coaching and post trauma-care retreats to address catastrophic and traumatic life events.

Our other areas of specialty are training and workshop design and delivery; customized personal, corporate and organizational development retreats, and senior-level training. We focus on business development and redesign for sales strategy to boost client acquisition and growth, team development, communication style assessment and enhancement, leadership and management strengthening, organizational needs assessment, and strategic planning with measurable and achievable goals.

Our Mission & What We Do

Our mission is to respond to women, their families and friends; small groups, institutions and organizations to provide training and interventions before, during and in the aftermath of crisis situations and traumatic life events.

We offer tools and support through our emergency crisis; international trauma recovery, and behavioral management coaching to help survivors strengthen their coping skills and improve their quality of life with the goal of ultimately becoming their own coach. We also offer relationship coaching; anger and stress response intervention and management using our coaching formula to curtail negative emotional reactions so you can respond in a productive manner during hostile and stressful life events. .

Our customized post-trauma-care; personal, corporate and organizational development retreats are for women and their spouse, family and/or friends, and organizations that want to work on specific issues such as relationship and wellness improvement; self-leadership, business enhancement and communication style strengthening. Please take a moment to visit our coaching, retreat and consulting page to learn more.

Training and Workshops

We have developed a solid track record for our results-based Eyes of Power® coaching because we take a pedagogical approach that is client focused and results orientated with the goal of improving the quality of support and interventions for victims to become thrivers.

All of our training models are designed using real case studies, surveys and community assessments to offer new and better ways to help companies spend their resources on cost-effective skill based training that solves multiplex problems under one umbrella.

Our highly sought after signature course “Eyes of Power® Understanding Trauma, Crisis and Stress in Communities and the Workplace” is highly effective, well-structured and grounded in the principles of advanced training and interventions for survivors of trauma, providers and all others that are interested in advancing their knowledge in the field of trauma and crisis.

The course is a membership level series program model followed by intensive coaching to ensure that new habits are formed, the learning is internalized and that best practices are implemented and sustained. It involves more than just reading on screen text and watching demonstrations. We offer Continuing Education Credits (CEU’s), prepare you for the exam to become a certified Trauma-Informed-Care facilitator, a registered subcontractor in our M/WBE database and opportunities to purchase our license and use our model in your own practice to train others.

Our training has been approved by the National Center for Crisis Management; a multidisciplinary network of professionals who are committed to improving the support and intervention provided to victims before, during and in the aftermath of crisis situations.

We also offer the Emergency Respondent training using the Acute Traumatic Stress Management (ATSM) Intervention Model, adapted by the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress. This training prepares you for the exam so that you can become a certified ATSM specialist through the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress.

To learn more about our workshops and training’s, please visit our learning academy by Clicking Here

Our Values

We value cultural competency as a component of our practice and because we know first-hand the emotional scars that trauma can have, the importance of being heard and understood in safe environments with like-minded survivors, we’ve been very selective in the services we provide to our diverse clientele of women, their families and friends, small groups, institutions and organizations.

For example; we have dedicated an on-line sanctuary page for all women, their spouse, friends and families where they can write a message and light a candle in memory of their loved one, all within the comfort of their homes. We also offer the option of a gratitude candle for women to honor and appreciate who they are. Both options offer a gateway to our private survivors’ cafe so that women can connect with other survivors who become their support system.

Staying true to our values of being your support system, we offer a 24- hour global click-to-connect Immediate Response Coaching and advising service to women that need to speak with someone on-the spot.

Our goal is to build a network of highly-skilled coaches and advisers who are committed to improving the support and interventions provided to victims before, during and in the aftermath of crises. All of our coaches and advisers are trained in the company’s model that is measurable and achievable for best outcomes. To learn more please visit our Click-to-Connect page.


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