With us you are never alone because we offer you support in a number of different ways, and in return, all we ask is that you allow yourself to be fully engaged in the process. To begin your journey “Go Ahead” and light your candle and write a note in memory of that special someone or just to appreciate who you are.


Bronx, NY
Surviving a traumatic life event is no easy task, and the memories are deep and painful even after you've made the decision to move on to begin your journey of healing. The journey can often times become more painful than the actual traumatic event you've endured. I pray that you may seek out a support system to help you through these tough times.



Lighting a candle for myself. Because I'm awesome. :)






Now that you’ve taken the first step in your journey, please take a moment to review our support system by Clicking Here for our private Thriving Survivor’s Cafe where you can connect with other like-minded survivors.

If your still not sure how best to proceed on your journey, schedule a free no-obligation clarity call and we will be happy to explore all available options with you, even customizing a package that matches the journey you envision for yourself.

Clarity Call

Light A Candle

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