I am D'Sheene, the Originator of Eyes of Power, a Trauma Communication Coaching and Business Consultancy firm based in New York City. 

(Note: I changed my name from Desheen to D'Sheene in January 2021.)

After years of working in the social services field being micro-managed and risking my safety making home visits in dangerous neighborhoods, the time had come for me to make a decision to either continue working the insanity of the 9 to 5 or say "Sayonara" and scale my talents into a full-time business.

Since hitting the ground running I've helped attorneys, entrepreneurs, coaches, and start-ups create the business vision that has led them to become emerging visionary ninjas that gets paid.

The more people that I help allows me to sleep better at nights because my work ethics are authentic so that is the kind of services YOU will bring into the business world.

I value your time as much as I value my own, and I want you to thrive and if you already own a business, then I want to make sure you own it 100% and NOT let the business own you. Think about it, makes no sense to have a business that isn't generating revenue. I want to help you to take your skills and package them in a way that let's you close the chapter of 9 to 5. 

Did you know that there is a code of conduct that all successful business owners like myself follow? Never biting the hand that feeds you because you will need to eat again. Yeah sure for those that do - may get small bites along they way, but here is how the savvy business person thinks. "If I make a quick dollar today then I need to worry about how I will make more dollars tomorrow, but if I follow the ethical code of conduct I will continuously make plenty of dollars ." This practice will also allow you to form long-standing business relationships and keep you off the black list. 

Some Food For Thought 

A recap to my story that I briefly shared on the home page about people taking credit for your skills to make a dollar. This is why I want to teach you the best practices to utilize when sharing your business ideas and how NOT to teach the business predator too much.

You see, I no-longer pour my heart of gifted smarts out, I no-longer give away my tools that help business predators structure sub-contracts that freely open doors for them while at the same time shutting myself out.

I created a toolbox full of the hard knock lessons that has allowed me to shred that sub-contract, walk away with my head held high and pat myself on the back. WHY? Because that experience only further validated the power of my skills ~ that's the beauty of being authentic. My shines are my shines.

There's no need to pretend or engage in unethical business practices because there is enough pie for all to eat. I can teach you how to become a visionary ninja by simply helping you to reshape the vision of your business, crafting out and packaging your best skills to get paid for what you are good at doing.

Learn From Me and Shine

Let me share some footage with you when I had been a guest on national television so you can listen to my experiences of how I invited a coach and a few of her friends to venture with me on a NYC contract worth 6-million dollars. At the time this person, I only recently met during a business course I had taken and she had been one of the facilitator's. She sounded sincere and presented herself as if she had the smarts necessary to join forces with me, after all, she branded herself as being a serial pruner that's been in business for 30+ years, so I had no reason not to believe her story.

The story was so convincing that it had made sense for me to let her take the lead as the prime on the contract, not realizing that she already had an agenda. Since as business professionals we all need a helping hand along our travels, so I honestly didn't give her many questions and need for guidance to structuring the contract, answering key questions, inability to wrtie-up a 1-page capability statement etc. a second thought.

It had been soon after winning the contract with her being designated as the prime did I discover that she lacked the skills to take on the leading role, had milked me for my smarts and that she was nothing more than a hustling coach. In the business world, that's defined as a BUSINESS PREDATOR looking for a come-up.

I admit, she had me fooled, but in the end - it helped me to be able to readily identify such unethical business practices, accept the truth that my gifted talents can be intimidating, that it maybe hard for some to give me credit because they need to make themselves believe that they are the smartest elephant in the room, it could even be some embarrassment that a woman of color was the driving force that got her on the map in the million dollar trenches. Collectively, knowing how to take it all in, then to hit even bigger home-runs many times over has helped me to become the successful business woman that I am today. 

With me, you will learn how not to get stuck in business, get paid for your smarts and thrive authentically, so at the end of the day "your shines will always be your shines."                                                

I can teach you how be a visionary ninja 

Let me take you back to the end of my 9 to 5 days. Both my personal and professional life has been awesome and have led to many walks of fame. For example, I've been recognized as a third time international bestselling co-author, I've been featured on the cover of the Published magazine, I won the eLit book award for Literary Excellence and several other book awards.

Magazine cover
Desheen L. Evans Certificate My Journey My Journal

Over the years of being invited to make guest appearances, having the ability to think outside of the box, being an authentic and strong woman of color that has been a survivor from birth is what laid the foundation to building my brand and maintain the thriving business of Eyes of Power. 

Thought Leader Business Radio 


Below are some of things I did while building my brand - sticking to what I am good at and I want to show you how to do the same and then you let your bank account tell the rest of the story. Speaking of bank account, I wanted to share this link with you to learn more about the pockets of Eyes of Power. https://www.zoominfo.com/c/eyes-of-power-llc/407587020

  • Master of Social Work degree from Wurzweiler School of Social Work, Yeshiva University with a major in community organizing
  • Master of Public Administration degree from John Jay College of Criminal Justice with a major in criminal justice policy and administration
  • Undergraduate degree from Mercy College with a major in psychology
  • Certified Behavioral Consultant (DISC Theory & Advanced Behavioral Analysis)
  • Certified Behavioral Life Coach (DISC Personality Assessment & Applied Behavioral Analysis)
  • Member of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice MPA Advisory Board
  • New York State Certified Mediation Trainer with the IMCR Dispute Resolution Center 
  • Active board officer in the Bronx for district 12 under the New York City Department of Youth and Community Neighborhood Advisory Board 
  • Cognitive Behavioral Coaching with a focus on authenticity and combating unconscious and conscious biases in business