August 20, 2017


Over the years workplaces and communities have become diverse in culture and identity and many of us that work and live among those from different cultures have some basic understanding of the cultural values and beliefs of others. However, throughout the years of my research, community assessments and 25 + years of working in a

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August 5, 2017


I often wondered what others would say if they knew that I talk to myself and at times answer myself? Many years ago, I may have been frowned upon and/or stereo-typed as being a crazy woman., but times has changed and my behavior – engaging “Self-Dialogue” is another method of journaling my thoughts, a practice

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October 21, 2016

Anger, Behavior, Community, Crisis, Trauma

Hi to all reading this:  As our first blog post I want to introduce you to Eyes of Power and what we do and will be bringing you on this page in the future. The scope of generational trauma, community violence and crisis is broad by definition, but they share a multidisciplinary relationship and remain

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