Business Consulting

Our approach helps you to lead with power NOT problems, enhancing your leadership style, reducing high turnover rate ​and building team appreciation.

​We teach you a communication style to match your intended audience to improve relationships with potential prospects.  

Our ​Business Development Model

​Eyes of Power creates and reshapes visions for struggling solopreneurs and small businesses​, to transition away from dated systems that no longer produce the results they ​used to.

The methodologies we use will prepare business owners​ so they can ​recognize and grab opportunities that they desire,​ but do not have the vision and tools to get. We teach them how to go after those opportunities.

For example, ​in beta-testing our methods, we shaped the vision for ​a struggling ​company landing them a NYC contract worth 6 million dollars. 

Improving Leadership ​Skills

By assessing your work environment, work ethics and interaction with employees and service providers we work with you to find ways for you to become an awesome leader.

We create a leadership blueprint, ​followed by a 60 day reassessment to see how things are going and give you our final recommendations.

We teach you how to truly lead your business and how to make ​it work for you. ​We guide you to effectively build it and/or reshape your business from the ground up, while staying authentic to who you are and your values.

We also ​teach you effective crisis management and ​communication skills so that you can handle employees and ​teams that have experienced trauma. ​You will also learn how to deal with your own blind spots and biases. 

Subcontractor Opportunities

​Our time and the skills we bring are valuable. ​The preparation for proposals can be time consuming and may require the use of our M/WBE credentials to help companies meet utilization goals.

​We help you ​polish your business for potential stakeholders, investors, and joint venturing opportunities.

​​Any company ​seeking our expertise are required ​to have a signed team agreement and contract in place with a ​starting ​fee of $600 for services. ​​Additional ​fees may apply.

Our team will provide business development assistance by:

  • evaluating and analyzing your business needs; assist you in strategic planning and creating marketing strategies to build a solid client-base and boost YOUR revenue or re-energize your existing client base with measurable and achievable goals and action steps
  • ​creating your capability statement​
  • strengthening your leadership and/or management style to minimize high-turn over, reduce work-related stress, enhance communication styles and increase productivity among your employees
  • offering senior-level training in the area of team development
  • offering leadership and management training specific to working with people of color and best practices to work in trauma embedded communities 
  • assist you in creating a business profile

Get Started Today

Our goal is not just getting you on top, but keeping you there so that you can stay ahead of your competitors and in the workforce. If you’re ready to take the leap to improve your leadership and business development skills….

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