Business Café                       

In the Business Café I work with you on solving the challenges of safe-guarding your skills that business predator's seek.  As your consultant I am committed to helping you learn how to use your authentic skills to have a more balanced stream of revenue.   

The Business Café is right for you if...

  • You have had your skills used and not received credit for it. 
  • You've experienced roadblocks on how best to package your skills so it leads to the kind of revenue you most desire. 
  • You want to implement best practices when sharing your business visions. 

Choose The Plan That Fits You Best


This is a 90-minute consultation for those wanting to learn how to utilize their skills and profit. 

 • Breakthrough session to discuss your business plan. 

• If you choose to upgrade to the accelerator package you will receive a 10% discount. 


This is a deep dive 4 month package for those ready to take full control of their business. 

Private sessions

You get everything offered in the Senior-Level Café package.  


A revised business model that features the following:

1. Target lead generation.

2. Beta-test your skills for profit.

3. Roadmap to create a relationship funnel. 

4. Four months of bi-weekly coaching,