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Is Coaching Right For You?

Coaching is centered on the individual and how those individuals interact when they are together. Individuals grow when they own their discoveries. So our coaching is all about individuals coming to their own realizations about their assumptions, blind spots, clarity around goals, seeing gaps between espoused values and actual behavior, developing confidence, sense of direction, ability to take action and be self-directed, ability to handle/welcome change, ability to be more innovative and collaborative. We use questioning and deep listening in the coaching process. In small groups participants interact and learn from each other. Our coaching is performance based in the context of each coachee’s current job challenge.

Eyes of Power believes that we are the experts in our own life and work. Yet many of us struggle to find motivation to dig deeper so we can leave damaging life situations, like unhealthy relationships or serious traumas.

We specialize in coaching women who are working through the following challenges listed below. “Click on a challenge” to learn more about the coaching we offer to help you achieve your personal goals.

Get Rid of Roadblocks

The women we work with often know exactly what they want, but they find themselves stuck and don’t know how to move forward.  Many have experienced a traumatic situation or find themselves in unhealthy relationships or suffer from overwhelming stress. They need help to clearly identify their goals and the roadblocks preventing them from achieving them.

We help you develop a clear plan of action for overcoming the challenges you’re facing so you can change stuck behaviors, improve your relationships, reduce stress, recover from a trauma and even diffuse an on-going crisis. Your coaching engagement is custom-designed based on your specific needs.

Dig Deeper & Begin the Transformation

We know exactly what we want, but somehow we find ourselves stuck, unable to move forward. But it is never too late to change! As your coach, our role is to guide you as you take steps towards positive life changes.

Together we will dig deeper, discover how you can transform your thoughts, and kick start the kind of thinking that motivates and fulfills you.

Transformation Starts With You

How Can We Help?

On Demand 

Designed for women that are in an immediate crisis and need help right now.

This is also for women that feel the need to talk with a professional coach in a single focused session on a targeted issue without the commitment of a coaching relationship.

A safe haven, personal support system and sounding board  is only a click away.

Kick Starter

For women who have not worked with a coach before but who are ready for change.

3 months of group coaching with no more than 5 other people. Sessions include:

Twice monthly 45-50-minute group coaching sessions in a learning community by “telephone” on a focused topic from any of our coaching services offered; group homework assignments to continue your growth; two 15-minute individual e-coaching (email) check-ins each month; one 30-minute private session each month to dig deeper on the topic from your group coaching sessions; an individualized Life Journey action plan; and a certificate of completion.

Group sessions are $425.00 per person.


Dig Deeper

This is a 5-month package that’s offered as a group (no larger that 8) or individually to women wanting to dig deeper on what’s holding them back from the life they desire.

Group sessions are $800 per person and you get (5) 90-minute group coaching sessions on a topic from any of our coaching services offered, delivered in video-chat and by telephone; 1 free workshop; clarity goal planning with action steps; (5) 30-minute private sessions “one per month” to dig deeper on the topic from your group coaching sessions; 15% discount on our signature course; 10% discount if you upgrade to our Platinum Package; and certificate of completion.

Individual sessions are $875 and you get (8) 45-minute VIP focused coaching sessions delivered LIVE depending on location, otherwise sessions are delivered in video-chat and by telephone. You get everything else from the group coaching “EXCEPT” the (5) group coaching sessions and the (5) 30-minute private sessions.

Reach Your Full Potential

This is a 8-month package that’s offered by video and phone to groups and/or individual women that have gone through the digging deeper process and are ready to take a stance and conquer what’s holding them back. maximum of 10 women per group.

Group sessions are $950 per person and you get (16) 90-minute group coaching sessions on a topic from any of coaching services; (8) 1 hour private sessions on a topic from your group coaching; Unlimited email support; 2 free workshops; Journal writing; Individual Life Journey action plan; Certificate of completion; 20% discount on our signature program; and a $40 resort coupon that can be used during the life of your coaching services.

Individual sessions are $1,100 and you get (20) 90 minute sessions on a topic from any of our coaching services offered “delivered live” and by telephone  depending on location, otherwise delivered by video chat and telephone. You also get everything else from the group coaching package “EXCEPT” the group coaching and the (8) 1-hour coaching sessions.

Coaching is not a cure. It is not therapy or counseling, and so it does not focus on psychological dysfunction.  Instead, coaching focuses on the future, supports growth based on your desire for change, and guides you in making those changes you envision for yourself.  When you bring your commitment to work hard in the coaching relationship, you are well on your way to achieving your goals.  

Your information is always safe with us. All group coaching participants are required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

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