Crisis Coaching involves dealing with threats or misappropriate actions after they have occurred.

Did you know that when a crisis is not immediately diffused it can lead to the on-set of hidden trauma which is often ignored?  This both triggers and heightens levels of stress which in turn leaves the deepest scars and causes changes in the behavior pattern.

Changes in behavior patterns often times lead to unhealthy relationships that can ultimately change a person’s life forever.

With our risk management assessment tools, we help you to identify and understand the crisis and together with a coach, an appropriate safety plan is implemented to help you better manage and ultimately diffuse the immediate crisis before leading to the on-set of trauma that over time can evolve into long-term trauma.

How Crisis Coaching Works

Crisis can be treated through coaching at the on-set, but if pro-longed crisis will lead to short or long-term trauma, so before either of the latter happens, the coach will engage you in crisis sessions.

We offer a 24-hour click-to-connect service so that we can diffuse your crisis on the spot. If you would like to talk to someone right now click on the tab above our phone.

The techniques used in crisis coaching is preceded by many of the same life events involved in trauma recovery coaching, such as the death of a love one, unhealthy relationships, divorce, accidents and/or other devastating or catastrophic events such as school shootings, hostage situations and financial loss, (to name a few).

Once the crisis has been diffused we always recommend our trauma recovery coaching that is designed to guide you in ways that helps you to minimize risk to similar crisis, and help you in providing the best response to crisis.

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