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Do You Really Understand Stress and What Techniques To Use?

stressed womanScientific research and experts around the world have identified acute, episodic and chronic stress as the top three most common forms of stress that people experience.

Did you know that stress can be associated with many life events?  For example:  Anticipatory, Encounter, Time, Situational, Environmental, Television, and Food (just to name a few) are all triggers of stress.

There are many types of people, places and things that contribute to stress – that’s why it’s so important to know what are the things, the places and the people that triggers your stress.

Stress has two channels that it operates from,  physical and psychological.

Physical stress attacks the body and Psychological stress attacks the mental state of being and they both have proven to be deadly when not properly addressed.

Getting clarity about the triggers linked to your stress gives you the ability to manage your responses in a productive and healthy manner.

How We Can Help You Manage (and control) Your Stress Level

Our Stress Response Intervention and Management coaching and our Champion of My Stress course are designed for women that want to learn about stress; identify their triggers and learn techniques to improve how best to respond to those triggers.

We have a three-level coaching package that you can subscribe to for the Stress Response Intervention and Management or any of our other coaching services offered.  Our Silver package offers group sessions, and our Gold and Platinum package offers groups and individual sessions.  To subscribe or learn about our other coaching packages please click here .

We offer the “Champion of My Stress” as a 15 day “BOOT CAMP” course for those that are able to manage their responses, but experience some struggles and need a helping hand.

Our 30 day “Kick-Starter” are for women that have made attempts to go at it alone, but find that they need more hands-on and a support system.

Please click on the tab below to be directed to our learning academy page for pricing and to register for the course.

Start Managing Your Stress Now!

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