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Understanding Trauma

Trauma is the result of an injury of something bad that has happened or was done to us, and does not mean that we have committed a bad act. Instead, it was part of a human experience that was unavoidable causing an impact that for many is “deep and lasting”, and one that we all have in common.

Losing a loved one to homicide often leaves victims yearning to find closure and a way of “moving on,” but the aftermath of violence remains a continuing part of their lives. With constant reminders of the crime, toppled with the unresolved issues and continued loss tends to retraumatize victims and keep them as hostages to the injustice long after they’ve made the choice to move on.

Making the choice to move on is a courageous act for trauma survivors and many are able to do so without the support of a professional therapist or coach and just live with the painful memories that haunt them in ways that feel completely real and often times causes them to become a silent suffer.

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Is There Recovery From Trauma?

It doesn’t matter if the trauma happened yesterday or years ago, “you can and you will” heal and move forward because YOU have the capacity for wellness, and with our partnership you are “NEVER” alone because we stick with you from the beginning to the end of your recovery coaching journey.

We offer three levels of group and two-levels of individual coaching packages so that we can meet the needs of all woman that wish to engage our services. Please Click Here to view our coaching packages, and for a list of our prices please Click Here.

As your coach, our role is to guide you on a journey that transforms energy by using your trauma story. Clarity of your story helps to discover new-found things about yourself and drives your passion and inner-strength that will help you to break down the walls that are holding you captive to your past where you can begin living life in the present.

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