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Consulting – Go From Problem to Power

Learn to Lead with a Strong Voice and a Soft Tone

Discover How to Deliver Effective Communication to Improve Relationships with Colleagues.

every new dayBy assessing your work environment, work ethics and interaction with employees and service providers we work with you to find ways to lead with power NOT problems .

Thus, enhancing your leadership style and reducing high turn over rate.

We create a leadership blueprint and a 60 day reassessment to see how things are going and give you our final recommendations.

Our Business Development Model

Inspiring and educating women to become their own bosses and have solid financial stability is our goal. We offer you tools that help you beta test your products and services, positioning them to your desired target market and potential stakeholders; and also how to effectively create marketing strategies that match your business.

We teach you how to truly learn your business and how to make your business work for you because we guide you to effectively build it and/or reshape it from the ground-up all while staying authentic to who you are and your values.

Our Founder and CEO Desheen knows first-hand that it’s all about trial and error in business, so she has created a model that helps women to create a solid foundation for their business.

VIP Service

We offer VIP consultancy services to both women and men seeking City and State Minority & Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE) certification with fast turn around time for approval.

We alleviate the stress; daunting process, and travel time by completing your application, and polishing your business for potential stakeholders, investors, and joint venturing opportunities.

Our team will provide business development assistance by:

  • evaluating and analyzing your business needs; assist you in strategic planning and creating marketing strategies to build a solid client-base and boost YOUR revenue or re-energize your existing client base with measurable and achievable goals and action steps
  • strengthen your leadership and/or management style and minimize high-turn over; reduce work-related stress, enhance communication styles and increase productivity among your employees
  • offer senior-level training in the areas of sales strategy for client acquisition, growth, and team development
  • assist you in creating a business profile
  • offering you the tools to conduct market research
  • providing an objective view of operational and financial capabilities of your business
  • assist you in obtaining all of the necessary documents for the M/WBE application
  • offer you the tools to identify appropriate commodity codes that aligns with your business profile to help you pursue NYC  and State governmental contracts
  • obtain, complete and submit your application
  • guide you in identifying contracting opportunities and
  • providing a performance report and leading your firm through recommended next steps.

Get Started Today

Our goal is not just getting you on top, but keeping you there so that you can stay ahead of your competitors and in the workforce. If you’re ready to take the leap to improve your leadership and business development skills….

Click here for a focused consulting session

Please note that one-time sessions are $85 an hour (introductory rate), and we also offer an attractive  package for long-term consultancy. Please call for details.