Relationship Coaching

Understanding Relationships and Trauma

​The need for relationships​ – to feel loved, cared for, accepted and safe – is something we all share. It is essential to our very existence that we feel a connection to others, to a community and to a culture. These connections form the core of our identity and what helps us to make sense of the world around us and build a sense of meaning and purpose in life.

Everyone’s health and well-being requires that during our formative years we have relationships with adults that create and nurture feelings of safety, trust, value, and predictability. In fact, we never outgrow these basic and fundamental human needs.

Psychological trauma most often is about relationships, the tragic and sudden loss of a relationship or relationships that should have been caring but were instead frightening, violent, and explosive or when the necessities for healthy growth and normal development were absent or withheld.

Many of us go into relationships without giving ourselves a chance to get to know the person by first becoming friends. And for those of us that do take the time to become friends, are later finding out that we really don't know the person that we've gone into a relationship with.

While there really is no right or wrong way to go into a relationship, there are many tools that can be utilized to help you make more informed choices.

Taking Action

​Having a romantic relationship can be the greatest experience in life, but it can also be the most painful and stressful experience you've ever endured. Sure, other people can bring happiness, but to be truly happy in a relationship, it must start from within. When inner happiness grows it allows you to effectively share it with someone else.

The tools that we offer in both our group and private coaching can be utilized to help you identify signs of abuse, gain clarity to the differences between physical, verbal, and emotional abuse so that you can put safety first. Here are the steps that we take in our coaching sessions:

  • We explore emotional cheating and ways that you can establish relationship changes.
  • We explore what power and control are, helping you to identify what those look like in a relationship.
  • We agree upon homework assignments that include role playing, journal writing and ​setting up action goals that align with your plans for a desired outcome.
  • We explore ​healthy boundaries ​​and support you to effectively implement them in a safe way.

The big takeaway is teaching you how to have healthy relationships ​and ​boost your energy​. We make every day that you spend with us a GRATITUDE DAY, because you will be accomplishing your goals.

If your ready to take action today, please click the button below​.​

Interesting Facts

  • Life would be perfect if only we could have relationships that make and keep us happy. ​This is possible, but we have to first ​do some self-assessments to look at the roles we play in our relationships​. Taking ownership is NOT about ​self-blame, but a part of the journey leading to healthy relationships.
  • ​You must be at least 95% happy with yourself or you will never be happy in any relationship. If you don't love yourself, how do you expect others to love you?


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