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Trauma Care Retreats are offered in a private setting using a holistic approach to empower you to regain your confidence in your ability to say what is or is not okay for you.

Here at Eyes of Power we take trauma care to heart and pride ourselves in meeting you wherever you are in the process of you’re healing with a focused goal of getting you where you desire to be in your life.

We believe that every retreat, support group session is different because everyone brings something that’s unique and offers invaluable lessons that create a synergistic healing effect.

Retreat Details

We understand the importance for survivors to feel safe since YOU cannot heal otherwise, so we offer you three kinds of sessions focused towards aspects of recovery.

We use a blended approach by incorporating components from our Trauma Recovery Coaching model, journal writing, art therapy, group debriefing and private coaching sessions to create a plan of action that is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Post Trauma-care Retreats

Women Crusaders

This type of retreat is designed ONLY for women that are first responders, such as firefighters, law enforcement, trauma care doctors and nurses; 911 dispatchers, airline attendants, railroad conductors and school staff whose lives have been affected by their work experience.  You will be among like-minded peers and work on ways to regain control of your life and be able to cope and better respond to the impacts of critical incident stress.

Partners and Spouses

This type of retreat is for women who have been affected by critical incidents of their love ones, often resulting in vicarious and/or secondary trauma. Women may attend this retreat with their partner or spouse consisting of no more than 5 groups at a time

Women in Healing

This type of retreat is for women (including) their family and friends that are former veterans, survivors of Military Sexual Trauma and/or women that have lost a loved one to homicide, suicide, domestic violence, automobile accidents, railroad and plane crashes.

Our Philosophy and Goal

We enforce accountability through our guidance letting survivors unlock and express the emotions that have been shut-down while traumatized as children and/or adults to enable themselves to survive. We help you to find relaxing ways to tell your story while re-connecting with the child and/or adult part of yourself that felt the pain and are still carrying the memories of the trauma. Our main focus is acknowledgement, expression of the emotions associated with trauma, and over time with on-going trauma recovery coaching, to ultimately become your own coach.

Our goal is to give women educational experiences that we’ve’ designed in ways that can be used as self-help tools to better identify the signs and symptoms of work-related stress, post-traumatic stress disorder and acute traumatic stress within themselves and others, and the ability to return to work and their communities with fresh perspectives on stress and effective coping skill tools that can be utilized as needed.

Interested in a Trauma Care Retreat?

Trauma recovery is a progress that works ONLY if you work it (meaning) you must be fully committed in your journey of healing. When you sign-up for our retreats, your journey begins and because we know all-to-well how emotionally draining recovery can be, we only accommodate small groups, no larger than 12. We do this so we can walk and talk with you, hold your hand if need be while being that breath of fresh air for you as you dig deep.                                                                                                                                                                                           Our retreats are for the promotion of healing, education, and support to women dedicated to the emergency service professions and women that have experienced traumatic events.

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