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​Eyes of Power Staff

​​Desheen L. Evans ​​CEO

I am Desheen, ​the Founding President and CEO of Eyes of Power, a​ New York-based business. ​Back in 2017 my youngest brother ​died and no one in my family bothered to tell me - I found out from ​a nurse​. ​I remember the fake ​stories my mother had been told about ​ my brother's death ​just to get money ​out of ​her. ​

Watching my mother scramble for answers broke my heart ​and ​​we made countless phone calls to the local authorities and the medical chief examiner​.

​The following year my mom became ill and had to be hospitalized again and as always, I was by her side. ​After an entire year of agony, my eldest brother came to her home with a copy of my brother's ​death certificate and his ashes – which further re-traumatized both of us.

​In the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic my mother suffered a stroke. I took charge of the situation and now I am helping ​her to recover. Without my experience in trauma recovery, I wouldn't have been able to ​keep my ​sanity and ​my mother ​from being placed into a nursing home.

I​n these ​trying ​times you desperately need ​trauma recovery skills if you want to ​keep yourself and your ​family ​emotionally balanced. ​My ​level of expertise ​makes me ​a perfect fit​to ​guide you on your journey. Visit my ​credentials page to ​learn ​​about my training and skills.

​A. Ramagnano

​Antoinette Ramagnano is the Curriculum Development Manager for Eyes of Power. Her main focus is to assure that the curriculum ​meets all standards and objectives set forth​. It was this belief that motivated her to become a part of EOP.

Antoinette has been ​effectively overseeing​ ​E-learning environments for several years. ​​
Both her personal and professional experiences have helped her understand the world of curriculum development​. ​She is a great motivator and team player.

​Suzette Burton

Suzette Burton is the Film and Videographer for Eyes of Power. Her main focus is to film and edit ​all content related to ​company events​. Suzette is also responsible for ​the​documentary developments presented, making sure that they meet all standards for the film industry​.

Suzette has a wealth of experience starting with her studies in film and video at Pratt Institute (2006). ​She ​created several films and video installations on feminine beauty issues, the ​intense relationship between parents and children and also a documentary called DISCONNECTED.

Suzette has worked as the editor, assistant editor and producer for a variety of television shows such as: The Maury Povich Show, Atlas Media, Black Entertainment Television, Mr. Youth (Biggest Loser: Million Pound Match up tour; Neutrogena, and Microsoft), The Tyra Banks Show, Stick Figure Productions (Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane) and Celebrity Catwalk.

​Paul Hirsh

​Paul Hirsh is the Quality Assurance Program Consultant who brings over 20+ years’ experience in the areas of instructional design, curriculum development and technical writing to the Eyes of Power team.

He has served as the Quality Assurance point person, editor on numerous curriculum development projects. Most recently, he acted as the Q/A editor for Pearson Workforce Development group’s OSHA’s Construction Industry course.

He has served in a similar capacity for Johnson & Johnson’s global training initiative on personnel management and organizational development and Comcast’s curriculum development project for the company’s Level IC and Level V technicians. Paul has developed training programs and technical documentation projects in print, power point, linear and interactive video formats and CBT storyboards.

His client base includes government agencies, utilities and companies in the medical, pharmaceutical, high tech, financial, energy, and transportation’s sectors. While the bulk of his experience has been in the private sector, he holds an M.A. in history and has both taught and developed curriculum materials at the high school and junior college levels.

He has acted as lead instructional designer and project manager for many training companies throughout North America. In these capacities, he has written proposals, managed budgets, internal project teams and client/stakeholder reviews.

Finally, Paul is an experience facilitator. He has taught numerous new hire orientation programs as well as train the trainer sessions.

​​Peter Nyiri

​​Peter is the Marketing Consultant ​for Eyes of Power.  Through research and planning ​Peter implements the necessary marketing strategies making sure that the company meets its milestones in its return on investments. ​He has over 3 years of experience in ​marketing.

​Peter is ​also an online courses expert and handles the company’s e-learning courses. He launched several popular courses on his own blog.

​Peter was born ​in ​Hungary and attended the Technical ​University of ​Budapest. ​He lived ​most of his life in Florida. He started ​blogging in 2017 and two years later quit his day job to ​blog full time.

marian nimoh

​Marian Nimoh

Marian Nimoh is a writer for Eyes of Power. She handles all social media and Journalistic aspects for EOP as well as publishing written articles.

Marian Nimoh was born in New York City and raised in Ghana, Africa. She earned her bachelor's degree in communications with a major in Journalism and minor in Global Affairs at George Mason University.

Marian currently works as a preschool teacher. Her love for teaching children has led her to pursue a Master's in childhood and special education at Touro college. ​

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